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Общие условия

The terms and conditions below form an integral part of the contract between you, the student, and us, the organiser of camps Procamp S.à.r.l. (hereafter Procamp). These general terms and conditions apply to the services contained on the website Bank details Procamp S.à.r.l., Credit Suisse, 2800 Delémont, Suisse, Compte : 1475397-41, IBAN CH36 0483 5147 4100 0. Currency Prices are given in Swiss Francs. Confirmation / Invoice / Course documents As soon as we receive your enrolment, Procamp will send you an invoice / confirmation. Upon receipt of this document, you will need to pay a deposit of CHF 400.– per person in order to validate your enrolment. The balance must be paid 30 days before the start of the course at the very latest. In the event of non-observation of this payment deadline, Procamp reserves the right to bill you for the full cancellation charge in accordance with our conditions of cancellation. The course documents will be sent to you upon receipt of your full payment, i.e. around ten days prior to your departure. Changing your reservation We do our best to accommodate any requests for changes to reservations. We charge a minimum handling fee of CHF 50.– per person and a maximum of CHF 150.– per booking for any changes made. Cancellation Should you wish to cancel your study trip, please let us know by recorded mail as early as possible. An administration charge of CHF 300.– per person will be made for completed study trip bookings. If your cancellation reaches us less than 30 days before the start of your course a supplementary cancellation charge will be made at the following rates :
  • 42–29 before start = 60% of invoice total
  • 28-15 days before start = 80% of invoice total
  • 14–0 days before start = 100% of invoice total

Insurance All students must be covered by valid health and accident insurance. If necessary, a health and accident insurance policy may be taken out with Procamp for an extra charge. Price changesProcamp reserves the right to alter the prices listed on our website due to major unforeseeable events. Responsibility of the organiser As an organiser of language study trips, Procamp is responsible for the accuracy of this brochure. In line with good business practice, this responsibility includes the accuracy of its contents, the conscientious choice of organisers / professionals, the professional execution of the study trip and the timely transmission of travel documents to the point of sale / client. Liability is limited to double the cost of the trip. Complaints If, during the course of your trip, you become aware of any failings or wish to make a complaint, please get in touch immediately with the school principal and ask for assistance. If your problem cannot be resolved to your satisfaction in this way, please telephone Procamp or the organisation that sold you your trip without delay (do not wait until after your return). We will not be able to consider any eventual complaint unless you have satisfied these conditions. Any complaint must be sent to us in writing within 30 days of the end of your trip otherwise it will be regarded as inadmissible. Programme changes or cancellation by the organiser Procamp reserves the right to alter a programme when compelled to by changes made by one of our service-providers or due to any other unforeseeable circumstance or an event outside our control. Procamp also reserves the right to cancel a language study trip as a result of force majeure, for example war, riots or strikes. Procamp also reserves the right to cancel a course or service due to insufficient student numbers. In such an event alternatives will be offered or a refund made of the amount already paid. Procamp reserves the right to alter course timetables, excursion destinations and sporting and leisure activities as and when necessary. Reservations of the organiser Procamp reserves the right to reject an enrolment without stating any reason and to send a student home if in our opinion the behaviour of that student prejudices the interests of a fellow student or is incompatible with the successful running of the course. In such an event, all costs associated with this exclusion, including the costs of travel home, would be the responsibility of the parent or guardian. No refund of course fees will be considered where a student decides to interrupt his or her language study trip prematurely or is sent home for failing to respect our course rules and regulations. Students may leave valuables with their head of course for safekeeping. Procamp cannot accept any liability for the loss or theft of items / money not left for safekeeping in this way. Procamp shall not be responsible in any event for accidents that occur during free time or non-supervised activities / excursions. Promotional materialProcamp shall be entitled to use cinematographic or photographic material showing course students for publicity reasons. Place of jurisdictionTerms and conditions are governed exclusively by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Delémont.